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Ninja criticizes Epic Games for lack of Fortnite updates over holidays

Published: 7/Jan/2019 19:32 Updated: 7/Jan/2019 19:48

by Wyatt Donigan


The influx of new items during Season 7 of Fortnite has brought along plenty of new bugs, and Twitch star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins looks to have had enough of it.

While the Boom Box has been the topic of much discussion since their release on December 30, the X-4 Stormwing has been talked about for over a month now since Season 7 started on December 6.

Ninja has been one of the bigger streamers speaking out against the controversial planes and it seems as though he reached a breaking point during a stream on January 7.

The usually reserved and family-friendly Ninja, who had a little bit too much to drink during the stream, simply couldn’t hold back after dying to a plane out of nowhere during an engagement.


“Bro, suck dick, dude. The fattest one, bro!” Ninja says directly after dying in a rare moment of immense frustration.

Ninja didn’t stop there, however, as he then went on an extended rant speaking out against Epic Games for leaving their game with so many bugs.

“I love Fortnite. I love Epic Games,” Ninja said as a way of prefacing his incoming criticism. “They said, ‘Hey, we’re taking a break. Christmas break. New Years break.’ How many glitches are in this game?! Where are the updates?! We have FIVE plane glitches alone!”

Ninja then goes on to sympathize with the fact that the developers have earned time off after having an incredible 2018 but nonetheless felt that they left the game for far too long, even comparing the situation to other battle royale titles.


“There are so many things wrong right now and it’s because they took time off,” Ninja concludes about Epic’s holiday break. “This is what I said with H1Z1 back in the day, [and] PUBG. [Those developers] didn’t put the time in.”

Epic Games have announced the third and final v7.10 update for Tuesday, January 8, but there’s no word on what the patch will contain.

There’s no doubt, however, that players will be keeping a close on the patch notes for the update in the hopes of seeing some much-needed fixes to the game’s various bugs.