Ninja, CouRage and other Fortnite streamers react to the destruction of fan-favorite Tilted Towers building

by Alan Bernal


Fortnite fans have been agonizing over the future of Tilted Towers’ new building which miraculously made it through most of Season 7, but now faces a grim fate.


The building had never made it through a complete chapter in Fortnite’s story until Season 7, however it seems the day before Season 8 has once again brought down the structure.

Prominent Fortnite streamers were anxiously waiting to see what the countdown to the quake would bring to the island.


The building in Tilted just got destroyed by the last earthquake. from r/FortNiteBR

Even though a lot of players were expecting something to happen to the building, most were lamenting its destruction.

“They destroyed the new building in Tilted,” Faze Clan’s Cloakzy said. “I've never been more heated in my life. Those hard working individuals who build that every season just to have epic destroy it”


“The people at Epic make me sick,” CouRage joked during his stream.

Players were routinely filled with hope at seeing the building constantly being improved on throughout Season 7. Which made the the final major quake that brought it down even more harrowing to see.


The destruction came just a day before Season 8 is set to take over, and it seems like the developers at Epic Games couldn’t stand to see the building make it to the new era of Fortnite.