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Fortnite Battle Royale • Nov 09, 2018

Ninja comes across incredibly creative stream sniper at the end of his Fortnite game

Ninja comes across incredibly creative stream sniper at the end of his Fortnite game

Twitch megastar Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins came across an ingenious stream sniper while finishing a game of Fortnite Battle Royale.


Blevins was playing squad matches alongside Ben ‘Dr Lupo’ Lupo, Trevor ‘IAmTrevorMay’ May and Timothy ‘timthetatman’ Betar, when Ninja and Dr Lupo found themselves as the last two remaining players on their team, with just one opponent left.

As the pair searched for the final enemy, Ninja spotted their opponent building to their south, but it quickly became obvious that they weren’t building a shelter, but rather building a message to Blevins and Lupo.


“Oh my God dude,” laughed Ninja, as he watched the artist get to work. “It’s the Black Knight who spells. How does he do this?”

“You know what’s funny? He’s going as fast as he can because he wants to be considerate,” quipped IAmTrevorMay.

The squad sat and watched, trying to guess what he was trying to spell out. Eventually, it became hilariously clear that the stream sniper was typing out “WAIT…”, hoping that the famous duo wouldn’t take him out before he was finished.

Just as he finished his masterpiece, the player then began to use the wait emoji, which was recently added to the game.

“Are you kidding me?” chuckled Blevins. “Look at him, he’s doing the wait!”


Ninja then flew over to the platform the enemy player was on, and patiently stood and watched the character tapping away on its phone and blowing bubble gum balloons, while Ninja and his squad giggled at this funny moment.

Unfortunately for the Black Knight, Ninja eventually lost patience and as the player performed the ‘Tada!’ emote, Ninja blasted him with Heavy Sniper to win the game, to cries of laughter from his teammates.

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