Ninja clutches up manic Fortnite start without hearing a single thing

Andrew Amos
Epic Games / Mixer: Ninja

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins showed off his Fortnite spidey-senses in an epic 1v4 clutch to kick the game off ⁠— all without any audio to back him up.

FPS games, and especially battle royale games, have a high reliance on sound cues. From picking off where you’re being shot from and from what weapon, being able to hear what’s happening around you in Fortnite is key.

While some players become accustomed to not playing with sound, when you’ve used it for so long, it’s a rough experience without it. For Ninja, when he loaded into a Fortnite lobby without audio, he was sure he was going to die instantly.

Epic Games
Trying to win a gunfight with no sound is incredibly difficult in Fortnite.

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However, Ninja let his mouse and keyboard do the talking, relying purely on his senses, good aim, and ⁠— let’s face it ⁠— a bit of luck to pull off this insane 1v4 clutch.

While on stream on February 10, Ninja accidentally alt tabbed out of Fortnite as he was loading into game into his mute app program, disabling all in-game sound.

“I have no audio, I alt tabbed out on the way in,” he said in a bit of despair, prepping to get absolutely annihilated by the squad that dropped on his head. “I have to do this all no audio.”

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As one frag turned into two, with Ninja dropping floors picking up kills left, right, and center, the streamer saw a way that he could fight his way out of the sticky situation. He picked up the first three with ease, before dropping to under 50 health trying to clean up the fourth.

Caught in his reload, he was blessed by a few whiffed shots to secure the squad wipe just mere seconds into the match, and he was sure to let the rest of his team know about his antics.

“Bro, I have to fix my audio, somebody [else] has to get him up,” he said, looking for a safe place to hide. “I have four eliminations, zero audio.”

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While the play is impressive regardless, deaf FaZe Clan Fortnite star Soleil ‘EwOk’ Wheeler couldn’t help but poke fun at Ninja’s despair being her reality. “That’s me all [the] time but with audio visualizer,” she said.

Ninja did manage to fix his audio issues and storm ahead in the game, picking up 11 kills and a victory royale for himself in one of his more successful games of the day.

However, he’s probably going to count his lucky stars that he was able to pull off that early game clutch, or it could have all gone haywire.