Ninja calls on Epic Games to fix Fortnite’s lag problems

The most famous Fortnite streamer in the world is calling out Epic Games over their recent lag issues.

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Fortnite’s 8.1 update launched on Tuesday, March 12 and introduced the Baller vehicle, but the patch seems to have also introduced a crazy amount of lag.

A number of community members have been complaining, including Ninja, who posted a video of how lag affected his gameplay.

“This lag has not stopped happening since the [8.1] update,” complained Ninja.

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The clip shows off a sudden movement that kicked him off of a build, with lag from the servers determining he was not actually in the place his game was displaying.

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“I just lagged off this,” Ninja can be heard saying in the clip.

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Lag has been an on again off again issue in Fortnite since launch, with early tournaments being marred by the game’s performance.

Epic has mostly prevented lag on the competitive level and improved it publicly, but it appears to be making a comeback with the 8.1 update.