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Ninja bizarrely kicked from Fortnite game after leaking secret TwitchCon info

Published: 4/Oct/2018 19:33 Updated: 4/Oct/2018 19:52

by Wyatt Donigan


In a curious case of events, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins was booted from a Fortnite match seconds after leaking secret info about a TwitchCon party.

While it was previously announced that Ninja would be competing at Twitchcon in the Doritos Bowl tournament for Blackout, Black Ops 4’s new battle royale mode, it seems that the popular streamer will be making another major appearance at the event.

During a stream with FaZe Clan’s Dennis ‘Cloak’ Lepore, Ninja let slip that, along with DJ and recording artist Dillon Francis, he’ll be hosting the official Twitch party at the event later this month.

It all got started when Cloak posed the enticing question to Ninja, saying “Someone asked me to ask you ‘what are you doing at TwitchCon with some loser named Dillion Francis?’” Cloak then said that the question came from Dillon Francis himself.

At first, Ninja tries to cooly play it off by saying that he wasn’t sure if he’s allowed to talk about it just yet. 

After saying “I don’t know if I wanna talk about it” and thinking about it for a few seconds, though, Ninja throws caution to the wind and whispers the news into his mic as the pair were jumping out of the Battle Bus at the start of a game. “Why not, dude? There’s gonna be a Twitch party, dude. Dillon Francis and Ninja hosting.”

Karma apparently struck immediately, however, as Ninja and Cloak were kicked from their game mere seconds after leaking the big news, getting hit with a screen informing him why he’d been booted from the match.

“That’s what you get for leaking!” exclaimed Cloak after the pair got back to the lobby to load up their next game.

After reading the error screen, Ninja merely sat in silence trying to process what happened as they loaded up the next match.

While the sudden boot was likely due to a random server error, it was curious timing given that it came just seconds after Ninja let the important news slip.


How to get more Gold Bars currency in Fortnite Season 5

Published: 2/Dec/2020 10:59

by Daniel Megarry


Fortnite Season 5 has introduced a new form of currency, Gold Bars, that can be used to purchase weapons and upgrades. Here’s how you can get more of them.

While Season 4 was a Marvel fan’s dream, Season 5 is putting the focus back on Fortnite lore, as Agent Jones brings together the world’s greatest hunters – including The Mandalorian – for a chaotic battle that will shape the future of The Island.

As well as a major map update that brings new areas like crystalline sands, there’s a bunch of NPCs on The Island who will offer you quests and bounties.

You can also hire them to be your allies or get intel on the surrounding area. But how do you afford them? Gold Bars.

The Mandalorian bounty challenges fortnite
Epic Games
Fortnite players can unlock Gold Bars by completing bounties

What are Gold Bars in Fortnite Season 5?

Season 5 brings with it a new form of in-game currency, Gold Bars. It’s currently unknown if they’ll be sticking around for good, or if they’re a one-season addition. Either way, they certainly seem promising.

Gold Bars can be used to upgrade your weapons, purchase new guns, or even hire NPCs as your own personal bodyguards. Time will tell how useful these allies will actually be, but it’s a nice addition to the game, especially as players slowly discover who their favorite NPCs are.

Epic Games described the new Gold Bars in a statement, which said: “Earn bars by completing quests and bounties, eliminating players, or finding hidden stashes around the island. Spend your earned bars on new exotic weapons, upgrades, intel, services and more.”

How do you unlock Gold Bars in Fortnite Season 5?

The clearest way to unlock Gold Bars right now is to complete quests and bounties from NPCs on The Island. Not sure what to expect from bounties, or how to complete them? We’ve got you covered in our bounties guide.

It’s possible to unlock Gold Bars by taking out other players, who will drop some of their currency when they’re eliminated. There will also be hidden stashes placed around The Island, which players will no doubt uncover in rapid time.

We’ll update players on the fastest ways to do this in the future. In the meantime, make sure you visit our dedicated Fortnite hub to get all the latest news on Season 5 updates, including patch notes and how to unlock new skins.