Ninja and SypherPK want new Fortnite feature to “ban” stream snipers

Twitch: Ninja / Twitter: SypherPK

After a string of deaths to alleged stream snipers, Fortnite duo Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan have come up with a new system that they believe could help ban offenders and make the game more enjoyable for content creators.

Since Fortnite shot to mainstream popularity in early 2018, content creators have had one major complaint about the game that never seems to go away: stream snipers.

People who purposely seek out streamers to kill them in-game, Fortnite have devised several systems to try and stop them, but thus far none have managed to completely get the job done. Now, this idea might be a start.

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Epic Games
Stream snipers will often sneak up on unsuspecting enemies after finding out their location.

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After several deaths to the same stream snipers, Ninja and Sypher were discussing possible routes that Epic Games could take to prevent it, when Sypher came up with an idea that makes a lot of sense.

“I have the perfect solution,” he said. “You get killed by somebody that you think is a stream sniper, and instead of reporting, you can click ‘avoid this player.’ Then for 30 days, that person can’t get into your games.”

He went on to clarify that if after 30 days you think they’re doing it again, you just click avoid again and get another 30 days free of the opponent, which would be especially helpful against repeat offenders.

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Obviously this isn’t a flawless idea, but Ninja had one way to make sure the system would be used properly. “It would have to be only for streamers,” he said. “If you open that up to everybody, players can do that every time they get sh*t on by somebody who’s really good.”

That is probably a fair assumption, and although there are several issues that would have to be ironed out if it was ever implemented, as Ninja says, Sypher might be onto something with this idea.

Needless to say, most streamers definitely want something done about stream snipers – so have Sypher and Ninja just found the solution?

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