Ninja and CouRage speechless as flying hackers return to Fortnite

courage and ninja with blurred image of fortnite map in backgroundEpic Games/YouTube: CouRageJD, Ninja

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop were left absolutely gobsmacked when they were obliterated by a flying God-mode hacker stream sniping them in Fortnite.

Hacking in online video games is something that may never disappear. While most games, Fortnite included, have some kind of anti-cheat software installed, there are still some sneaky hackers that slip through the cracks.

That said, some games are affected worse than others. While rival battle royale Warzone has had a serious ongoing hacking issue since it launched in March 2020, Fortnite has generally been very effective at keeping the game cheat-free.

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Having reunited for Fortnite Chapter 3 CouRage and Ninja, alongside SypherPK and Wildcat, couldn’t believe their eyes when they encountered a rare Fortnite hacker absolutely destroying them.

A screenshot of Shifty ShaftsEpic Games
Hackers are much more of a rarity in Fortnite than competing titles Apex Legends or Warzone.

After fighting through the majority of the lobby, the squad was decimated from above, and within seconds they realized that the player killing them was actually miles high in the sky, aimbotting them from above.

While the team was getting rained down on from the skies, CouRage couldn’t figure out where their opponent was, looking around at the ground from the safety of their builds in an attempt to locate them.

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He was quickly warned, however, that the shots were actually coming from above, as he tried to protect himself and Ninja watched on in complete disbelief.

Timestamp 1:00

The squad stayed in the game and watched their stream sniping hacker flying around, asking them to “at least do something cool,” while they avoided any gunfight possible.

Instead, the hacker did the opposite and, after finding themselves in a precarious situation, accidentally floated into the storm and died to storm damage, leaving the entire team in hysterics.

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