NICKMERCS hits back at Fortnite players who criticize controller users


Twitch star Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff hit out at Fortnite players who criticize controller users – highlighting the fact that they are competitive too. 

Keyboard and mouse vs controller is one of the oldest battles in gaming history, with each side thinking they are superior to the other. This fight has leaked into Fortnite, as the game offers both PC and console play.

Currently, lobbies and tournaments are cross-platform, meaning players get to face off with different tools. However, recently, Epic Games have created separate events for both, and NICKMERCS has hit out at fans who are complaining about this.

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NICKMERCS is one of the biggest Fortnite streamers out there.

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During a broadcast on March 10, the American let loose at players who were complaining about the separation of console and PC players. 

“All those keyboard and mouse players b**ched for years about controller players in their lobbies, well now Fortnite is taking a real step at getting them out of the lobby and the [PC players] are b**ching again. Make up your mind bro, do you want them in or do you want them out?”

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He clearly wasn’t impressed with the behavior of some PC players and went on to slam those who suggested that the recent Aim Assist nerf would make controller players bad.

“Some players are like, UnknownArmy is gonna be sh*t now because he uses L2. I’m like, hold on, this guy picked up keyboard and mouse and placed top 10 in a Pop-Up cup in like two weeks. Can you not understand that there are controller players who have been playing competitive shooters for a long time?”

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This was just the start of NICKMERCS’ rant, as he dove further into the issue. “I don’t know what these [PC] players don’t get – they think we’ve been playing f**cking Spyro or some sh*t. Do they think we’ve just been playing Uno? We’ve all been playing competitive shooters and beating the f**k out of each other since I was in diapers.”

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The FaZe Clan member was understandably frustrated that some players didn’t realize that controller players have been competing for just as long as PC players, and that the choice of input doesn’t determine how good someone is at the game.

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However, after his rant fans will hopefully understand his point, especially with controller players like UnknownArmy currently thriving in Fortnite.

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