NICKMERCS Has a Theory About How You Can Tell if a PC Fortnite Player is Good or Not

by DG Goldstein


Nick 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff has a hilarious theory about how you can tell if PC Fortnite: Battle Royale player is good or not.

Especailly with Fortnite being cross-platform, some players on certain systems may engage in some hilarious banter with one-another regarding which platform is the best to play on.


This can be seen to a certain extent between PC and console players, with both communities believing that their system is superior in terms of competition.

NICKMERCS decided to throw his hat into the ring with a theory revolving around if a PC player is good or not based on the sound their keyboard makes, stating that a 'louder' clicking sound is usually in-line with a player being better.

"PC players that aren't as good as, you know, pro PC players - you can't ever hear their keyboard. But every pro Fortnite player? [...] You can't even hear yourself think when you play with them."


The full hilarious clip can be viewed below from NICKMERCS.


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