NICKMERCS gives incredible response after being told to quit Fortnite

by Matt Porter


Fortnite star gave fans another funny moment during his Sunday, March 17 stream.


Kolcheff is one of the most recognizable faces on Twitch, regularly attracting large amounts of viewers to his channel to watch him play Fortnite, the game which saw him skyrocket to the top of Twitch.

NICKMERCS is also recognized as one of the most talented controller players in competitive Fortnite, earning some high finishes in tournaments since the game’s release in September 2017.

NICKMERCS has become a regular face at the top of Twitch thanks to Fortnite.


While many view Kolcheff as one of the best in Fortnite, it appears not everyone shares that opinion, as the streamer himself revealed on his St. Patrick’s Day stream.

As NICKMERCS started his stream for the day, he took time to call out some fans who had subscribed to his channel, before taking aim at a specific Twitter user who had fired shots in his direction.

“On the off chance that the kid I just blocked on Twitter is in here,” said Kolcheff staring straight down the camera, “ Who just said you’re shit, you always lose, you never win? Yo, $200,000 earned in Fortnite. Suck my ass. Suck my ass.”


NICKMERCS continues to compete in Fortnite tournaments and was most recently involved in the ESL Katowice Royale tournament, although he struggled throughout the tournament with technical issues

The streamer has also revealed that he intends to leave California and hinted at the possibility of leaving 100 Thieves as well.

One thing is for sure though, NICKMERCS does not take kindly to those who call out his ability on Fortnite.