NICKMERCS threatens to leave Twitch Rivals over technical issues

. 3 years ago
Nickmercs / Twitch

Popular streamer Nick ‘NICKMERCS’ Kolcheff ran into some troubles during his time competing at the Twitch Rivals Fortnite Showdown Trios event, and let event staff know all about it.

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NICKMERCS was among some of the biggest names to compete at the latest Fortnite event held by Twitch Rivals during TwitchCon 2019.

However, his tournament experience at Twitch Rivals was not as smooth as some of his fellow competitors as he found himself with some in-game issues that prevented him from playing his best.

FaZe Clan
FaZe Clan’s NICKMERCS was forced to deal with multiple technical issues at the Twitch Rivals Fortnite Showdown.
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After the first game had concluded, NICKMERCS revealed to one of the tournament admins what had happened to him during the game.

The Twitch star was told he would have the time to change his in-game settings during a practice match before the finals began, “I had finished my settings yet, she said okay you’re going to go into a practice game,” Nick explained.

However, unfortunately, there was no practice game played and Nick had to try to fix some of the technical issues during the first round of the finals, “That wasn’t a practice game, that was a real game, so we’re landing and I have no audio.”

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The streamer’s problems continued to mount during the game due to the nature of him playing on PC with a controller, expressing, “We had to use the keyboard to fix the audio, so it told the game I’m using a keyboard, then I couldn’t build on the controller or do anything.”

After Nick’s problems were eventually fixed for the final three games, he threatened to leave the event if the in-game issues continued to be ignored, “I swear to god though if it happens again and they don’t restart it for me, not to be dramatic, but I’m dipping, I didn’t come here to get f**ked like that.”

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Despite some of the issues players with controllers can face at tournaments, many pro players believe there is an advantage console players have with the aim assist feature and it even saw Ninja and NICKMERCS get in a shouting match over the ongoing aim assist debate.

Unfortunately for NICKMERCS and his teammates, SypherPK and NateHill, they ended up falling short in the Trio’s event which saw Pika, Rhux, and Tina take home the trophy for the Fortnite Showdown.

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