NickEh30’s solution to grappler spamming in Fortnite

NickEh30 may have a solution to the grappler spam that has been annoying Fortnite players in build battles.

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In early September, Epic Games announced the release of the grappler, a batman like device that allows players to quickly move around the map.

So far it has helped make for some cool highlights, but it’s also proven annoying in build wars when players can constantly retake the high ground and effectively erase skillful building.

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Streamer NickEh30 may have a solution:

By reducing the amount of uses, the grappler requires more strategy instead of spamming. This is another case of balancing fun mechanics that create highlights, with ones that can also be abused by players for easy advantages.

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Dropping it to five uses may be a drastic overcorrection and see the drop become ignored entirely. Similar to the boogie bomb, the item could easily go from exploitable mechanic to irrelevancy if it is over nerfed.

Another possible fix to the spamming issue may be equipping the grappler with a form of delay that prevents abuse, but still allows for the cool trick shots that the item can deliver. This may be the best way to balance the item without destroying it entirely.