NickEh30 Demonstrates Easy Trick to Bait Out Enemies From Cover in Fortnite

Fighting enemies in Fortnite can sometimes become a drawn out battle of wits, especially in end-game situations.

Many players will often choose to stay behind the safety of their builds, essentially turning 1v1 engagements into a chess match or a waiting game.

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Popular YouTuber ‘NickEh30’ has come up with a neat technique that can help outwit those opponents who choose to hide behind cover.

In a video clip that he tweeted out, Nick demonstrated his method to perfection, showing that it be very effective if executed correctly.

If you ever want to bait an enemy out from cover, just build a couple ramps upwards. It’s instinct for people to want to shoot it out!

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The premise of his method certainly makes sense; inexperienced players will often panic at the sight of multiple ramps being built towards them.

Therefore, the first part of the technique should be relatively easy to pull off – the ramps should be built until the opponent begins shooting them down.

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The next step is where the timing becomes crucial. The ramps must be quickly edited out so to get a clear view of the enemy, and then a quick sniper shot or a couple of hits with an Assault Rifle should get the job done.

A little bit of practice should be enough to get the trick down, and it can go a long way to speeding up the process of eliminating players who are hiding behind cover.