NFL Player David Bakhtiari Describes What It’s Like Playing Fortnite Alongside Ninja

David Bakhtiari | Ninja

Various professional athletes have expressed their love for Fortnite: Battle Royale in a collection of ways since its release in 2017.

Although they may live vastly different lives than many within the gaming community, some professional athletes have been historically been known to be avid fans of video games and other digital content.

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Some athletes have created friendships with top-level streamers and entertainers within the gaming world, which has been incredibly prevalent alongside the success of Fortnite: Battle Royale.

One such streamer is Ninja, a personality who many consider the ‘face of Twitch,’ and has been able to play alongside the likes of various athletes and celebrities for hundreds of thousands of viewers at a time.

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When in Los Angeles, California for the ESPY’s Award Show for honoring players, teams, and moments in the traditional sports world, Ninja had the opportunity to get some Fortnite games in with various athletes.

After playing with Green Bay Packers Offensive LIneman David Bakhtiari, the NFL player went on to mention how playing with Ninja was like playing ‘Grand Theft Auto with all the cheat codeas and five-stars.’

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Fortnite and Ninja show no signs of going stagnant anytime soon at the time of writing, with the game and streamer both continuing to break records, along with growing on a daily basis.

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