New Victory Royale Screen Concept in Fortnite Looks Amazing

There is nothing that quite compares to the excitement of getting a match win in Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Whether playing alone or with others, there is a special thrill in getting the final elimination and seeing the giant, animated “Victory Royale” pop up on the screen.

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However, the end-game screen after a victory has largely remained the same since the game’s release, with the exception of players being able to do emotes and dances for a short period of time after winning a match.

3D animator and Reddit user ‘SamiGlitch’ has made s new Victory Royale screen concept that not only looks incredible, but would add a lot more features to the current version that exists in-game.

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Here is the concept animation as tweeted by Fortnite news outlet ‘Fortnite Royale.’

The clip above was taken from a full, extended video released by the SamiGlitch, which can also be viewed below.

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In addition to the totally revamped design, the concept features the final four placements, statistics of the top four players, if and how they were eliminated, and more.

As shown in the clip, players would still be able to do the dance or emote of their choice, albeit it would be visible from a different camera angle than the current version.

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With Epic Games having shown that they are not one to shy away from using players’ ideas in-game, this new Victory Royale screen could see its way into Fortnite in the future.