Is a new Marshmello skin coming to Fortnite? Leaks hint at special cosmetics

Brad Norton
Fortnite Season 6 Marshmello
Epic Games

Could another new Marshmello skin be on the way to Fortnite in Season 6? Two years since the musician received his first Icon Series Outfit, fans believe another could be on the way.

When it comes to in-game crossovers, Epic Games has worked with Marshmello on a number of occasions. The popular electronic DJ had one of the first live concerts in Fortnite, received his own Icon Series skin, and could now be in store for even more content.

While Season 7 teasers have begun appearing online, there’s still plenty left in Season 6. Having tied heavily into a sports theme this time around, football has been a key focus over the past few months.

With the 2021 UEFA Champions League final around the corner, and Marshmello set to attend, players believe a mysterious new skin could tie everything together.

Marshmello skin in Fortnite
Marshmello already has his own skin in Fortnite; could a second be on the way?

Leaked Fortnite skin hints at musical features

A variety of skins in Fortnite come with their own unique features. Some have exclusive emotes, others evolve throughout each game. A newly datamined cosmetic looks to carry that trend forward in a new way.

An encrypted skin hidden away in Fortnite’s code has a light-up effect that triggers when using musical Emotes, prominent leaker ‘HYPEX’ revealed on May 27.

On top of this cosmetic, there’s more under the surface. A second ‘reactive skin’ has a Meta Tag applied. This only occurs when skins are added to Fortnite with their own challenges or “have a special thing like built-in capes.”

There’s no telling exactly what this skin may look like, but clearly, it’s bigger than the average new look. 

Could this be a new Marshmello skin in Fortnite?

While there’s no specific mention of Marshmello in the game’s code, players soon began piecing things together. With his own skin already in the game, many believe this new addition could simply be an upgraded variant with light-up effects, akin to the artists’ on-stage costume.

Given the emphasis on football in Season 6, with a special event catering to Neymar Jr fans, further evidence also supports this idea. Marshmello will be in attendance during the opening ceremony of the UEFA Champions League Final. 

This event kicks off on May 29, coming close behind the discovery of a new skin in Fortnite’s code. Considering his history with the popular battle royale, a new Marshmello cosmetic certainly makes sense.

It’s worth taking these theories with a grain of salt for now, however.

There’s every chance this light-up costume has been designed for another musician. Perhaps it’s not even tied to a popular figure. We’ll just have to wait and see as Season 6 continues to wind down.