New Fortnite trick allows players to reach new heights with the Grappler

by Alan Bernal
Epic Games


Fortnite battles can see the battlefield shifting skyward really fast. Luckily the game’s Grappler can instantly close the distance, but a new trick would let players propel the item’s use to new heights.


The Grappler was introduced to Fortnite in patch v5.4 on September 2018 which gave players the ability to hoist themselves across the game’s island for more dynamic combat potentials, but a new trick might up the ante for its users.

Streamer imspeedygonzales broke down an obscure mechanic with the Grappler after many saw FaZe Clan’s Jason ‘Tennp0’ Wang use it to send him flying higher than most players know how to.


The Grappler can be used to point-and-click a player over a great distance. However, if players jump after the item’s plunger connects with a surface, the momentum will throw them to significantly greater lengths.

“A common mistake that people do when they grapple is that they jump and then they grapple,” imspeedygonzales explained. “But what Tennp0 does is, he hits jump the moment a grapple connects… and this gives [the player] about two floors of height [more].”

The streamer goes on to explain that the trick works just as well when a player uses the Grappler to traverse more ground. The added momentum won’t throw the player off course, instead it will give “two squares of extra boost horizontally.”


Jumping the moment before a grapple connects gives you a small momentum boost (2 stories vertical or 2 squares horizontal). Credit to Faze Tennp0 from r/FortniteCompetitive

Many players received the tip with open arms, as it finally explained how players were able to effectively use the Grappler to soar much further than normal.

The trick does not seem to be a bug or glitch, instead being one of those pro-tips that players can practice and incorporate into their play style.