Fortnite technique lets players overcome Glider Redeploy's biggest problem

by Alan Bernal


Fortnite players have been reeling since the reintroduction of Glider Redeploys as an item that takes up a precious inventory slot, but a new trick might help sooth over that problem with a quick sleight of hand.


The ability to redeploy one’s glider was brought back to Fortnite on January 14. While the announcement brought cheer to many, Epic Game’s decision to turn the ability into an item raised a few eyebrows.

However a new trick from Reddit user Talxan makes hauling around the ability in an item slot less painful by quickly picking up another item right after activating the Glider Redeploy.


Epic Games
Epic Games
With a trick like this, players might feel easier having a Glider Redeploy in their inventory.

In the video, Talxan is seen on a ledge of a cliff with a Heavy Sniper at their feet. The user explains that a player has to “pick up the item and click space bar as it is getting dragged to your inventory” for the trick to work.

If successful, a player could sneak an item they want to take with them while still getting one last use from the Glider Redeploy.

You can take an extra item with you while using the new glider redeploy item from r/FortniteCompetitive


Many other commenters suggested that the same principle could be applied to the Rift-To-Go item that could fill the empty slot once its used.

As Reddit user MyWifeFoundMyOldAcct pointed out, this method could be used instead to get a whole squad’s use out of one Glider Redeploy if the party is coordinated enough.

It’s a simple trick but one that demands quick fingers to get right, less a player both drops the Glider Redeploy and leaves the item they wanted to swap out for.