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New Fortnite Season 3 Easter Egg teases potential Tenet crossover event

Published: 7/Aug/2020 4:22

by Brad Norton


Epic Games could be gearing up for an even bigger collaboration with venerable director Christopher Nolan as a new Tenet easter egg has appeared in the latest Fortnite Season 3 update.

From John Wick to Earth’s mightiest heroes, Fortnite has collaborated with some of the biggest blockbuster franchises ever made. While in-game events have ramped up in 2020 with virtual concerts and map-flooding events, players have also been treated to a more leisurely experience.

If you were playing on June 26, you would have noticed huge groups gathering at a big screen. Epic Games aired a virtual screening of popular Nolan flicks for gamers all over the world. US-based players were treated to Inception while those in the UK and Canada got to see The Prestige in-game.


This collaboration between Nolan and Fortnite appears to be ramping up even more. Despite Tenet being delayed multiple times due to the ongoing global crisis, that hasn’t stopped new time-warping teasers from appearing in the battle royale.

Like previous releases from the famed director, Tenet’s plot is all but shrouded in mystery for now. Time distortion, covert operations, and impending world war are the central themes but how might all that be integrated into Fortnite?

Following the game’s v13.40 update, attentive players have spotted a mysterious new object on the map. If you drop into Steamy Stacks and search the basement of Unit 4, you’ll be able to see this easter egg for yourself


An unknown shape is sitting atop an orange toolbox though no one quite knows what it symbolizes. When you approach the basement an ominous sound can be heard until you get close.

Walking straight up to the easter egg will have music ramping up before cutting out just moments later. It’s unclear if this soundbite has been reversed or if any time-warping effects might emanate from the object in the near future.

Given Epic’s relationship with Nolan, however, this subtle introduction to Tenet could just be the first step in an upcoming crossover. Perhaps a limited time-bending mode is in the works or maybe even a special weapon of sorts. We’ll have to wait and see how this new collaboration unfolds.


Tenet is expected to hit the big screen in the United States on September 3 in select cities. Meanwhile, many cinemas around the world will be premiering the new movie on August 26.