New Fortnite Floss emote leaked despite being a Battle Pass exclusive

Alan Bernal
Epic Games

Fortnite fans are getting hyped for an upcoming emote after a July 18 leak revealed what some are starting to call the “Floss 2.0.”

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Epic Games routinely adds various emotes to the game for players to grind and earn, and while some have gained popularity because of memes and such, there’s been a select few that have been etched in people’s mind.

Even as some of the dances have taken heavy inspiration from outside sources, it looks like the mega-popular “Floss” dance is getting a new spin soon but this time with a slight tweak that is sure to be popular among players.

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In a July 18 tweet, Fortnite leaker ‘ShiinaBR’ posted one of the two emotes in the latest “encrypted pak fil” which revealed a soon-to-be popular emote that was exclusively tied as a Battle Pass perk.

The Rare Emote shown has the player model swinging their hips while doing a one-armed groove seen in the Floss, while the other hand is holstered in place behind the hip.

Named ‘No Sweat’ the one-handed Floss emote shares the same name as an insurance company called ‘No Sweat Insurance’ which survived the tragedy of Season 8’s volcano eruption.

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There doesn’t seem to be a deeper connection between the emote and the building, except for the fact that both are newer versions of previous Fortnite features as No Sweat Insurance got a futuristic update in Season 9 while the new emote seems to be an updated version of the Floss.

The music played along with the No Sweat emote has been hitting the right notes with Fortnite players so far.

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Epic Games
Fortnite players will have a new way to express themselves with the update Floss.

“This is actually kinda better than the og one only because of the music, imo,” Twitter user ‘krypticsnow’ said.

Newcomers to Fortnite who missed out on Season 2’s Floss Emote will be happy to have the chance of getting another dance of a similar variety.

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While Fortnite traditionalists will most likely prefer their original Floss emote to the upcoming one, No Sweat will still be a fun feature to show off while waiting to get into the Battle Bus and even breaking a move while in game.