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New Fortnite easter egg hints at more major map changes

Published: 24/Mar/2019 12:36 Updated: 24/Mar/2019 12:43

by Connor Bennett


Fortnite fans believe they have spotted a new easter egg that could have dire consequences for the current battle royale island.

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Season 8 only got underway on February 28 as brand new locations appeared alongside the towering volcano that replaced Wailing Woods in the north-west corner of the map.

However, more changes to the map could be afoot in the near future as fans believe they have stumbled onto the first hint in the form of a hidden easter egg that may spell disaster for some of the newest points of interest.

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Epic GamesThe Volcano has already played a key part in Season 8. Could it have an even bigger role to play moving forward?

In a post to the FortniteBR subreddit, user GrubbyTrack showcased a photo they discovered back at the start of Season 8 which shows the north-west part of the map flooded by water.


The newly-formed Volcano, which appears to be ready to erupt, remains as a part of the photo but Lazy Lagoon to the north-east appears to be no more – with the pirate ship that sits in the middle being washed away.

I found this at the start of S8. This picture shows water flooding over from r/FortNiteBR

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The post immediately led to speculation about the image possibly teasing the next big in-game event that leads to a new set of changes to the Fortnite map.

However, having water wash over the map is not a new theory and was one of the most popular fan theories behind the launch of Season 8 – alongside a potential map-shattering earthquake.


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Yet, neither of those ideas turned out to be absolutely correct, as earthquake tremors did occur and left holes in the ground across the map that currently remain in-game.

Could fans have been one season off with a Tsunami-type event ringing in the start of Season 9 in a few months time? It remains to be seen.

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