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Fortnite Battle Royale • Feb 17, 2019

New Fortnite Duos world record set for most kills in a single game

New Fortnite Duos world record set for most kills in a single game

One of the longest standing world records in Fortnite has finally been beaten, as former Cloud9 pro Christian 'Criz' Rizk and partner 'gator' have overtaken the Duos record.


Held by FunkBomb and Nagezz since March 2018, and later matched by former OpTic players Baldy and WizKay in April 2018, the previous record for most kills in a Duos match was 41 (on PC).

The console record is a touch higher, held by NICKMERCS and Nioly with 46 (which is the longest standing record, since January 2018) and while that record still stands, the PC record has been pipped by a single kill, now up to 42.

The new world record of 42 kills by Criz and gator.


Criz and gator pulled off the crazy high kill game on February 16, 2019, making it only the second world record to be beaten since the new year, following a new record for Duo vs Squads, also on February 16.

While it wasn't quite enough to overtake the console record, the PC records are held separately, due to the significant differences between each platform.

You can watch Criz and gator's impressive, world record-breaking, gameplay below.


Considering that the previous record of 41 has stood since March 2018, Criz and gator could well hold on to their top spot for some time, but there's no shortage of top talent always on the hunt for new records.

You can see the full updated list of world records in Fortnite here.

The new record also means that no single player currently holds more than one world record at the time of writing, but France still holds the most, with seven world records belonging to French players.

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