New Datafiles Suggest that More Backpack Items are Coming to Fortnite: Battle Royale

by Albert Petrosyan


New datamined Fortnite files have revealed that more types of the new Backpack items could be coming to the game's popular Battle Royale mode.

With the 'Jetpack' and 'Eye of the Storm' Tracker Backpacks both having already been added to the game, it appears that there are numerous others on the way.


The new Backpack items in Fortnite are very similar to the Back Bling, but are found in-game and have abilities, as opposed to being merely cosmetic items available for purchase in the Item Shop.

The Jetpack and 'Eye of the Storm' Tracker were both added via the v4.2 content update on May 22nd, although the latter was announced to have been added by mistake.


Popular Fortnite YouTubers 'TwoEpicBuddies' have since unearthed game files that suggest that there are more of these Backpack items to come. 

In addition to the two that have already been seen in the game, there are potentially seven others that could be added into the game at some point, including the: Carmine Pack, Glider, Glider Pack, Intel Pack, Medic Pack, Missile Battery, and Test Pack. 

Source: @TwoEpicBuddies


It is not yet clear whether if all or any of these Backpack items will be added into the game, and whether they will be part of the regular game modes or a Limited Time Mode.

Until this information is officially announced or confirmed, these files should be treated as merely a speculative leak. However, 'TwoEpicBuddies' have proven to be very reliable with most of the datafiles they have mined in the past.