New crazy Fortnite glitch allows players to get under the map by using a Mounted Turret

by Albert Petrosyan


It seems as though once one glitch in Fortnite Battle Royale gets fixed, another one pops up in its place as players have found a new bug in the game that allows them to get underground.


The glitch is relatively easy to exploit and it requires the use of a Mounted Turret placed on a single floor structure that needs to be built into a slanted area on the ground.

Once a player has a Mounted Turret in their inventory, they then need to find a point outdoors that has a slanted surface. A floor structure then needs to be built at the lowest point of the slope, which is where the angle of the slope flattens out. 


At this point the edge of the floor structure should be slightly visible but most of it should have automatically been built into the ground area where the slope begins to rise.

Once that is done, the game will register a presence of a floor there and allow for a Mounted Turret to be placed upon it, although the result will have the turret buried halfway into the slanted ground. 


In order to activate the glitch, you must first have a Mounted Turret set up in this exact position or something very similar.

At this point, the player then needs to enter the turret and immediately exit it, which will trigger the bug to activate and thrust the player into the underground area of the map.

It's important to note that the glitch will not work if the player enters the turret and begins to swing it around; this will only work if the player enters then exits the turret without doing any motions in between.

A video of this process can be seen below, courtesy of YouTuber 'penguinzomby,' who claims to have reported the glitch to Epic Games prior to publishing the video.

As the video above shows, the resulting effect of exploiting the glitch is rather remarkable, allowing the player to access virtually anywhere on the Fortnite map completely submerged underground and out of sight of all enemy players. 

What's more stunning about this is that the underground player can still very much affect what's going on above-ground, which the YouTuber demonstrates by activating a Boom Box and destroying structures. 

If Epic are aware of this bug, which is very likely the case, then it should be patched in the very near future. Those who want to try it out should do so in Playground or Creative Mode and not in public matches, as that could result in a ban for knowingly exploiting a bug.