NerdOut’s Fortnite Sunday Storm Rules Announced – Featuring Automatic Kill and Win Tracking Software

NerdOut’s next big $20,000 Fortnite tournament will use innovative software to track players kills and wins, encouraging aggressive play for eliminations plus other benefits.

The ruleset has been one of the main issues for competitive Fortnite – should it be based on eliminations, wins or both? KEEMSTAR’s ‘Friday Fortnite’ places all the emphasis on kills, while Epic Games’ first official ‘Summer Skirmsh’ used wins.

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Community members have pointed out that placing no importance on eliminations results in less exciting gameplay, as players are more cautious when just going for the win.

But, to have no emphasis placed on winning at all also seems somewhat counter-intuitive, so NerdOut’s new points system could be the solution needed.

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NerdOut’s ‘Little & Large’ tournaments have been running for a few weeks now, and have been a major success. But they will now host a new tournament with the help of ‘Bebo’, using their smart technology to track the leaders.

“The Bebo app will automatically track all your wins and kills. There will be a live leaderboard, and each kill will be worth one point. If you win that game, it will be worth ten points – you must play the game out in full.

Every hour, the bottom twenty scoring teams will be eliminated, until 20 teams remain. When only 20 teams remain, the bottom scoring team will be eliminated every 10 minutes, until one team is left standing.”

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And the technology doesn’t stop there, as it will also work directly with Twitch to keep the score updated on players’ streams, meaning both the player and the viewers will always know the standings.

It fixes three of the main problems which have been caused with other methods – using stream delays, playing on far away servers when in the same lobby as another team, and downtime between games waiting on another team to finish.

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The tournament will take place on July 22, and Twitch partners will be invited to take part (the technology does not work yet with Mixer/YouTube). 

There will also be an ‘affiliates’ tournament, where the top three Twitch affiliates will move on to play in the main $20,000 event.

You can apply for the affiliates tournament here.