NerdOut Announces Third Fortnite Tournament For July 22

The YouTube music channel known as NerdOut will be hosting their third Fortnite tournament on July 22.

The format is mostly unknown at this time, though it will involve 100 teams and $20,000 will be on the line.

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The previous NerdOut tournament followed the popular duos format of Friday Fortnite, where two opposing teams in the same squad compete for the most kills in a match, but had one significant diference.

Teams were allowed to sabotage each other by building or destroying structures around their opponents in NerdOut’s version, Friday Fortnite has rules against this.

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It is not known if sabotage will play a role in the third edition of NerdOut’s event.. 

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Although it will be larger than the previous tournament, creators on platforms other than Twitch received some bad news when NerdOut announced that the 200 players must be on Twitch only.

This leaves popular streamers like NickEh30, who plays exclusively on YouTube, unable to compete.

NerdOut promises there will be no wait times in their new approach to Fortnite tournaments, though that is the only detail currently available.

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Fortnite esports is still searching for the perfect tournament format. The UMG hosted Friday Fortnite encourages aggression and action by counting kills, but leaves out the spirit of Fortnite – being the last remaining player alive.

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Epic tried a new format in an official tournament that required two Victory Royales in ten matches to win first prize, with the rest of the places determined by average placements. This was also not ideal as it lead to cautious, hiding play styles from the participants and bored viewers. 

Epic may get a better idea on what works after their Summer Skirmish series, which is an eight tournament event with eight different formats.