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Fortnite Battle Royale • Aug 23, 2018

Names and Rarities of Leaked Fortnite Skins in the V5.3 Files Revealed

Names and Rarities of Leaked Fortnite Skins in the V5.3 Files Revealed

A number of skins and cosmetics were leaked with the release of Fortnite’s V5.3 update.

Now, fans can know their names, what they look like, and just how rare they are.


With Fortnite’s V5.3 update, a slew of new game modes and bug fixes were introduced to the title. Quite a few skins and cosmetics were leaked along with it, and players can now see exactly what visual elements are in store for Fortnite’s latest iteration.

Twelve unique skins were leaked with the update. Ranging from historic Samurai armor to seventies Hippie garb, players will be able to change their style to suit their fancy.


Four of the upcoming skins sit inside the Legendary category. The ‘Ravage’ and 'Enforcer' skins appear to bring a stealthy, medieval style to the game.

Ravage (Legendary)

'Circling overhead, shrouded by night...'


Enforcer (Legendary)

'Balance and order must be restored'

The ‘Musha’ and ‘Hime’ skins allow players to don the garb of ancient Japanese Samurai.

Musha (Legendary)

'A fearless and noble warrior'

Hime (Legendary)

'Catlike grace under pressure'


Similarly, there are another four skins within the Epic scale of rarity. These skins include the ‘Far Out Man’ and ‘Dreamflower’ skins, so-named for their callback to the flower children of the seventies.

Far Out Man (Epic)

'Out of sight'

Dreamflower (Epic)

'Can you dig it?'

Alongside these two come The ‘Ace’ and ‘Cloaked Star,’ another two designs with an emphasis on face concealment and unique patterns.

The Ace (Epic)

'Stack the deck'

Crooked Star (Epic)

'Cloaked in mystery'

Two new biker skins are also on their way. Classified as rare, ‘Backbone’ and ‘Chopper’ bring highway life to the battle royal title.

Backbone (Rare)

'King of the highway'

Chopper (Rare)

'No one crosses Chopper and rides away'

The final two skins are classified as uncommon. ‘Armadillo’ and ‘Scorpion’ have an emphasis on tactical garb, with desert camouflage and dogtags to match.

Armadillo (Uncommon)

'Thick skinned and battle hardened'

Scorpion (Uncommon)

'Beware the stinger'

In addition to these skins, twenty-two cosmetics were also revealed. With a theme to match each upcoming skin, Fortnite will showcase items such as the rare Cat’s Claw spear, Swag Bag, Dark Wings, and more.

Cat's Claw (Rare)

'Scratch and slash'

Drumbeat (Uncommon)

'Feel the beat'

Throttle (Rare)

'Rev it up!'

Iron Beak (Rare)

'Peck away'

Controller (Legendary)

'Take control'

Subjugator (Legendary)

'Quell the competition'

Shiro (Legendary)


Sashimono (Legendary)

'Storied sigil'

Swag Bag (Legendary)

'Take the money and run'

Buckled (Uncommon)

'Buckle up!'

Vintage (Uncommon)

'Lovingly broken in'

Slashed (Uncommon)

'For narrow escapes'

Road Ready (Epic)

'Two-wheel toolkit'

Dark Wings (Legendary)

'Swoop in and take the spoils'

Hip Shakers (Epic)

'Verifiably hip'

Road Ready (Rare)

'Jam on'

Road Flair (Rare)

'Built for the road'

Ghost Portal (Legendary)

'I just got a chill'

Blaze (Uncommon)

'Glide down in a blaze of glory'

Flappy (Rare)

'Flappy happy'

Purrfect (Legendary)

'It’s the cat’s meow'

Tie-Dye Flyer (Rare)

'So many colors'

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