Names and Rarities for the Leaked Fortnite Battle Royale Skins and Items

by Ross Deason


A number of new skins and items for Fortnite Battle Royale have been found in the files for the V4.0 patch along with images and rarities.

The new update marked the start of Season 4 for Battle Pass members and brought with it a number of changes to the maps along with new skins, items, and other cosmetics.


As is always the case after a major Fortnite update, data miners were quick to find hidden gems in the games files that reveal what other items or cosmetics might be dropping in the near future.

Thanks to the guys over at Storm Shield One we now have the names, rarities, and images of everything found so far, including the "Nitelite" outfit and "Lollipopper" pickaxe.


The information also includes the rarities, with items ranging all the way from Uncommon Gliders to Epic Pickaxes.

Here's everything that we know so far:

Royale Bomber (Epic)


Trailblazer (Epic)

Abstrakt (Epic)

Liteshow (Uncommon)

Nitelite (Uncommon)

Chromium (Rare)

Diecast (Rare)

Glow Stick (Rare)

Renegade Roller (Epic)

Tenderizer (Rare)

Lollipopper (Rare)

Positron (Rare)

Onslaught (Epic)

Persuader (Rare)

Stand Issue (Rare)

Tag Bag (Epic)

True North (Epic)

Solid Strider (Uncommon)

Steadfast (Uncommon)

Glow Rider (Uncommon)