Nadeshot Announces Plans For Next 100 Thieves Esport Team and Discusses The Toughest Month of His Life

by Scott Mahoney


100 Thieves owner, Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Hagg, announced that the organization will enter Fortnite Battle Royale as their next competitive title.

The former professional Call of Duty player and OpTic Gaming member has now made a name for himself as an organization owner, heading up 100 Thieves.


After making an initial splash in the esports arena with his successful League of Legends team in the NA LCS, Nadeshot declared 100 Thieves was planning to expand into Fortnite for competitive players and content creators alike. 

All this comes just days after the May 21st announcement that Epic Games would be providing a massive $100,000,000 prize pool for the 2018-2019 competitive Fortnite season.


Nadeshot has expressed his love for Fortnite in several of his videos and can often be found streaming the battle royale game on his Twitch. 

A passion for the game coupled with the massive popularity and prize pool has made Fortnite the perfect landing spot for 100 Thieves next esport team. 

“Fortnite is gonna be our next expansion with 100 Thieves. So 100 Thieves is going all in with Fortnite. We’re gonna be picking players and personalities and competitors. And I have news for you guys here, really soon, we’ll talk about it.” 


Nadeshot also discusses his content, personal challenges in his life, and what the business side of things has looked like over the past few months in the YouTube video. 

A breakup, illness, and hectic work schedule have presented challenges to Nadeshot’s personal content, but the 100 Thieves organization is continuing to grow. 

He also explains that the creative team at 100 Thieves was expanding, adding two additional members, and the organization now has a team of 20 total members.