Myth explains why Fortnite is actually harder with a controller

Twitch Myth / Epic Games

Twitch star Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani weighed in on the endless mouse and keyboard vs controller debate, explaining why it is actually harder to play Fortnite with a controller.

The mouse and keyboard vs controller debate is one as old as time, with the two groups never being able to agree on much of anything and constantly warring for supremacy. It’s no different in Fortnite, as both groups dub the other one as easier.

Myth joined the fray during a stream on March 5, where he stated that playing Fortnite is more difficult with a controller and explained the reasons behind his somewhat unexpected statement.

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Myth: Twitch
Myth has become one of the most popular players in Fortnite and fans usually value his opinion.

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It all began when a viewer asked him if mouse and keyboard was hard to learn and the Team SoloMid member dived into an in-depth explanation. “Yeah if you’ve never played on it [mouse and keyboard]. But, in my opinion, becoming an average mouse and keyboard player is easier than becoming an average controller player.”

He then paused to really think about his statement before continuing and explained what’s easier from beginner to pro.

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“When learning a new peripheral, both are very difficult, but then to be average it’s easier on mouse and keyboard. Then to become god tier, the top 1%, is harder on controller than it on mouse and keyboard for Fortnite. That’s it,” he added.

Myth then explained the reason behind his opinion, saying “becoming a top tier Fortnite controller player has taken way more time [than mouse and keyboard]. And now that controller players are actually reaching their peak guess what’s happening, PC players are switching.”

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The key reason seems to be that controller players are finding more and more success in Fortnite, with Ali claiming that it just took them longer to reach their peak.

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Of course, his chat was split, with some viewers agreeing and some disagreeing, as with any peripheral discussion.

However, Myth does make a good point, but, it’s very unlikely we’ll ever have a clear answer to the timeless debate.

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