Muselk reveals how new Fortnite skin is “pay to win”

YouTube: Muselk

Elliott ‘Muselk’ Watkins has raised concerns about the new Fortnite Boxer skin, released in Patch v12.30, claiming its camouflage makes it one of the most “pay to win” cosmetics in the game.

While the latest Fortnite patch was dominated by the Deadpool events, a few new cosmetics snuck their way into the game. The Boxy and Boxer skins might seem simple enough, but they have proven to be problematic in some areas of the map.

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Some players, including Australian YouTuber Muselk, have gone as far as saying the duo of skins are pay to win. Why? They camo too well in some of the game’s terrain.

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In an April 5 video, Muselk demonstrated just how the uncommon skins are better used strategically than just for their good looks.

With clusters of boxes and cardboard appearing around the map, the head of the Boxer skin blends in perfectly, allowing for players to hide in plain sight.

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As unsuspecting players walked past, Muselk popped up and one-shot them, leaving his enemies completely confused. While the body can be a dead giveaway, with the right set-up, the Boxy and Boxer skins can catch players unawares.

YouTube: Muselk
Muselk’s trap worked perfectly, with many players falling for the Boxer trick.

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Muselk is no stranger to breaking Fortnite, constantly trying to find new and interesting ways to fudge the rules of the game.

However, even this skin took him aback, saying that while players never suspect camouflaging with skins to work, time and time again they are proven wrong.

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“We thought every skin camoflague glitch was dumb, and somehow, every single time they work ridiculously well,” he said. “Pay to win skins are, kind of, back in the game.”

For mobile readers, the related segment starts at 5:57.

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As Muselk alluded to, the Boxy skin isn’t the first skin in Fortnite to come under fire for being “pay to win.” Event-specific skins, like the Gingerbread skin during the Christmas event, have blended in suspiciously well into their surroundings.

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The Green Soldier skin, however, is the most notorious of the lot. Players could jump into any bush across the map and blend in perfectly, making their enemies’ lives hell.

There’s not much Epic can do about the skins being good camouflage in certain situations. Players themselves will have to just be wary of the trap, and shoot at every box they walk past just in case.

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