Muselk reveals game-breaking Fortnite glitch to get infinite metal

YouTube: Muselk / Epic Games

Elliott ‘Muselk’ Watkins has shared a game-breaking Fortnite glitch that allows players to farm infinite amounts of metal to use in their builds.

Getting your hands on a decent amount of metal can make the late game in Fortnite a lot easier. Being able to build more sturdy structures can help you in those clutch buildfights.

However, it can be hard to come by, especially if you get beaten to the punch by other players. That’s what makes Muselk’s new glitch all the more powerful.

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YouTube: Muselk
Imagine seeing a skybase made entirely out of metal in Fortnite. That’s exactly what Muselk crafted with this glitch.

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Outlining the strategy on a March 24 YouTuber video, the Australian Fortnite YouTuber managed to get the glitch working after a few failed attempts.

In the gas station east of Frenzy Farm across the river, there’s a glitch that allows you to get unlimited metal from the petrol pumps.

If you hit the sweet spots perfectly at the start, the pump will remain on one health indefinitely, allowing you and your teammates to farm it for free materials.

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YouTube: Muselk
If you hit the sweet spots perfectly on the gas pumps, there’s a chance they’ll glitch out and not despawn, giving you infinite metal.

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Given that metal is the strongest material in Fortnite to build with ⁠— as well as the rarest ⁠— being able to have an almost infinite supply of it can be the difference between winning a game and losing it.

Metal materials have 500 health compared to Brick’s 300 and Wood’s 150, making it a solid base for your sky-high builds so they don’t all come crumbling down.

It also provides players more opportunities to play pixel angles around edits. Without the fear of getting blown open by a few stray shots, you can step up more aggressively in your boxes with edits around metal and pick players off.

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While you can only store 999 of each material at a time, players would be hard-pressed to get even close to that number of metal in a regular game, making this exploit incredibly powerful.

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However, in classic Muselk fashion, the YouTuber forewent the more competitive route for something a bit more fun ⁠— making a massive sky base out of metal.

He enlisted the help of around 20 players to get enough of the material to build massive ramps and structures across the map. While they did manage to get some progress, it wasn’t long before players were hit by the banhammer for teaming ⁠— Muselk included.

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Epic Games
Muselk was hit with the ban hammer after using the strategy, but only for teaming, not exploiting.

Epic is yet to comment on the bug themselves, but given how viral Muselk’s strategy has gone, it’s likely the Fortnite developers are aware of the issue and will patch it out soon.

You might want to be cautious running it yourself in case they ban players for exploits ⁠— not just teaming ⁠— in public lobbies. But, if you want to see it for yourself, go drop just east of Frenzy Farm to get the goods.

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