MonsterDFace explains how removing the Drum Gun benefits Fortnite

Popular Fortnite Twitch Streamer MonsterDFace has explained in a video why he thinks removing the Drum Gun in the latest Fortnite patch has made the game more stable and enjoyable.

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“I personally think that this is probably the best that Fornite has been in awhile,” MonsterDFace said in the beginning of the video.

“Since the Drum Gun has been removed I feel like solo v. squads is viable again,” he added. “You can actually come across a full team and not expect everyone on their team to be loaded with some kind of great shotgun and left-click weapon.”

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“I am definitely all on board for the nerfing or removal of the Drum Gun,” MonsterDFace said before detailing how removing it benefits other secondary weapons, like the LMG or P90.

“It isn’t very often that Fortnite releases a patch that brings stability and fun to the game, without breaking the game,” the streamer commented.

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The streamer said the current patch is balanced mainly because the Drum Gun, previously the strongest secondary weapon, was taken out of game.

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“It’s so crazy how the removal of one weapon can pretty much topple the hierarchy and structure of weapon classes and make the game feel good again,” MonsterDFace said about the Drum Gun and recent patch. “Kind of crazy how one weapon can really shake up the meta.”

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