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Fortnite Battle Royale • Jun 25, 2018

Marksman and Wildcat Shock Some Big Names to Win NerdOut's Little & Large Fortnite Tournament - Final Placements

Marksman and Wildcat Shock Some Big Names to Win NerdOut's Little & Large Fortnite Tournament - Final Placements
Wildcat / NerdOut

NerdOut’s “Little & Large” Fortnite Battle Royale tournament has come to a close with Marksman and Wildcat defeating SoaR Makz and i2ocx in the Grand Final.

The popularity of competitive Fortnite Battle Royale tournaments has blown up in recent weeks, with the likes of Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem’s “Friday Fortnite” tournaments pulling in hundreds of thousands of viewers every week.


June 24th saw yet another competition pop up as NerdOut’s “Little & Large” tournament took place. Using the same 2 vs. 2 kill based format as the KEEMSTAR tournaments, the Little & Large tournament pitted some of the biggest content creators against smaller streamers and YouTubers.

Fans also had the opportunity to play in the tournament via a contest that granted them entry, but in the end it was some of the most high profile stars that ruled supreme.


Marksman and Wildcat, two of the most popular Fortnite content creators, defeated SoaR Makz and i2ocx in the Grand Final after playing through a nine hour bracket.

This was the first time that the two players had competed in a competition like this but they seemed to be at ease as they took down some of their more experienced opponents.


NerdOut and Yoyo took third place while TSM’s Camill’s and HighDistortion rounded out the top four. Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins fans were left disappointed after the incredibly popular streamer was eliminated in 13th - 16th with his teammate Symfuhny but Spacelyon and 72hrs struggled even more, finishing in 25th - 32nd place.

The final placements from NerdOut’s Little & Large tournament can be found below.

1stMarksman & Wildcat
2ndi2ocx & SoaR Makz
3rdNerdOut & Yoyo
4thCamills & High Distortion
5th-6thFunkbomb & Nagezz
5th-6thExcapePlan & Vokuvan
7th-8thThiefs & Avxry
7th-8thXyllos & Decoy
9th-12thLEGIQN & TheMLGImpulse
9th-12thThe-ChillyDuck & Grandpataco69
9th-12thTinaRaes & ikaylur
9th-12thyum07_ & armadapayday
13th-16thSypher & NickEh30
12th-16thNinja & Symfuhny
13th-16thbigpuffer & ImSuda
13th-16thNordOutTv & Elopowder
17th-24thCrispy & Tranium
17th-24thSideArms4Reason & TBNRKenny
17th-24thDed & Soypan
17th-24thAva & One Shot Gurl
17th-24thTheDeluxe4 & KYR Sp33dy
17th-24thAlexiaRaye & Valkyrae
17th-24thclaymstehling & MzTrippyRizz
17th-24thWcD_Micket_YT & Kreachure
25th-32ndCDNThe3rd & Requiemslaps
25th-32ndSpacelyon & 72hrs
25th-32ndtheloudpedal83 & DJdrummer19
25th-32ndNBKGrimm & N/A
25th-32ndlel kek xd & properr
25th-32ndTwitch iAmParker & LostVisionaryy
25th-32ndUndoneXP & SquiiL
25th-32ndMeilinerrs & OrbzTV