Ludwig urges Epic Games to add his own Fortnite dance

ludwig dancing next to fortnite characterEpic Games, Twitter: Ludwig

YouTube streaming sensation Ludwig has called upon Fortnite developers Epic Games to add his own emote into the popular battle royale.

At this point, it can be a struggle to figure out just who hasn’t appeared in Fortnite yet. Epic Games’ battle royale continues to be a pop culture hub, with crossovers from anything between Evil Dead and Lady Gaga.

Streamers like Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins and Ali-A have joined the game’s roster too, but what about Ludwig Ahgren?

The former Twitch streamer might just get his wish granted, as Ludwig has suggested his smooth dance moves should appear in the game.

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100 Thieves and Misfits Gaming streamers praise Ludwig’s Fortnite dance idea

Fortnite has hundreds of dances to bust out, but they don’t have Ludwig popping and locking his way to victory. The streaming superstar addressed the game directly on social media, jokingly pleading for Epic Games to hear his call.

@FortniteGame what do I gotta do to get this s**t in the game,” asked the YouTuber.

To illustrate his point, Ludwig shared a montage of himself and an array of TikTok attempting to copy his moves.

The likes of xQc and Kai Cenat also appear in the clip, with Cenat clearly emerging as a strong competitor on the dance floor.

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Fans and fellow content creators are in agreement, too. Professional Chess player and Misfits Gaming streamer Hikaru Nakamura suggested that “I think Fortnite should check out this version, for approximately 6.75 hours.”

As for naming the unusual movement, one fan of the streamer said: “Probably unintentional but he moves his arm counterclockwise from 6 to 9 o’clock. 6.. to.. 9 lol. The Ludwig 69 dance?”

100 Thieves streamer Brooke Ashley added that “they need to put your head nod in it makes the dance.”

We’ve seen dances emerge from all facets of the internet, so it’s certainly possible Ludwig could be next. Your move Epic Games.

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