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Listen to new Fortnite music leaked for Season 8

Published: 28/Feb/2019 16:54 Updated: 28/Feb/2019 17:08

by Calum Patterson


Fortnite Season 8 has brought with it boatloads of new content – map changes, skins, weapons – but one type of content we didn’t bargain for, was entirely new music.

Within the Season 8 battle pass, there a number of new music tracks which, once unlocked, can be used instead of the standard music that play’s in the menu and lobby screens.

Unfortunately, in order to hear the music, you’ll need to rank up quite far in the battle pass – but of course, data miners have already found the audio files.

Data miner @Fortnite_JP_ posted the sound files to Twitter,  so you can hear what they sound like without having to rank the battle pass all the way up.


The first track ties in with the pirate theme for Season 8.

Another exotic sounding track incorporates a Caribbean steel drum.

Finally, something a bit more upbeat and poppy for the third leaked track.

You’ll unlock the first track at level 12 of the battle pass, and the final one at level 92, so there’s plenty to grind for.

Unfortunately, you still won’t be able to select that nostalgic, original Season 1 music – maybe next season?