Liquid Poach and Vivid respond to game-breaking Fortnite bug in hilarious fashion

Team Liquid/Epic Games

Team Liquid’s Fortnite pros Jake ‘Poach’ Brumleve and Noah ‘Vivid’ Wright made the best of a bad situation after running into a game-breaking bug during a tense late-game situation. 

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The pair were streaming their action on February 24 as they bounced from game to game looking to pick up wins in Fortnite.

However, they were denied one chance at victory when Poach was unable to pull the triggers of his weapons despite being alone and surrounded by a swarm of foes while Vivid wrecked enemies elsewhere. 

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Twitter: Team LiquidThe pros are a duo in the Team Liquid roster.

Despite having his crosshair placed over an enemy, and having plenty of ammo in his pocket, the Team Liquid pro found himself unable to shoot at opponents because of some sort of bug or lag. He quickly decided to pivot and mimic the sounds of a firing weapon instead of actually shooting. 

He shouted: “Can’t shoot! Die, die, die, die,” to the tune of how the Heavy Rifle would sound if he had been able to pop off at enemies. The duos misfortunes didn’t end there as Poach continued to run into enemies without having the ability to fire his weapons.

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However, he and Vivid decided to put a hilarious twist on things by calling out what they would normally say if they had the ability to shoot enemies. Yet, the hilarity didn’t stop the situation angering Poach as he screamed out: “This game is trash! It’s so bad!” before discovering he also couldn’t use his pickaxe.

After escaping an even smaller zone, Poach regained his ability to shoot but it was too late as he was downed by an enemy and quickly eliminated. 

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“Do you know many people I just killed guys? I killed so many. I killed at least four people on that rotate,” Poach jokingly pointed out – despite the fact he hadn’t been able to kill anyone.

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The rage-inducing bug has been around for a while and still plagues players every so often – as demonstrated in the Team Liquid duo’s games. 

However, it’s refreshing to see someone making the most of it instead of smashing up their keyboard in a fit of rage.

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