Liquid Poach says the Fortnite Fall Skirmish is unplayable due to lag

Another Fortnite pro has commented on the amount of lag that was present in Week One of the Fortnite Fall Skirmish.

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Liquid Poach discussed the situation in a recent stream, claiming the tournament was “unplayable.”

“We’re trying to rotate safely and every single time we are screwed by lag,” said Poach.

The storm circle is one of the bigger issues in the game, with server lag making players unable to accurately tell where the closing circle actually is.

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Poach and his partner Vivid finished in 23rd place out of 50 teams.

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He also disagreed with Epic continuing to push their esport tournaments despite the server problems.

“I can’t believe there’s money involved with [Fortnite tournaments] right now. It’s not ready. It’s just not playable. It’s literally just not playable.”

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A number of Fortnite pros and streamers have commented on the lag situation, including Ninja and Timthetatman.

Lag has been an issue that Epic has publicly struggled with since the beginning of their esports competitions, even forcing the cancellation of the first Summer Skirmish tournament.

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Week Two of the Fall Skirmish is scheduled to take place on September 29.