Liquid’s Poach and Chap under fire for rage quitting after losing to Ninja


Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins was able to take out Team Liquid’s Jake ‘POACH’ Brumleve in a Fortnite testing event, leading to Ryan ‘Chap’ Chaplo leaving the game on purpose.

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Fortnite pros practicing for the World Cup

Players from around the globe will soon compete for their share of a $40m prize pool in the Fortnite World Cup – anyone who reaches the Champion Division in the recently added Arena mode will have the chance to qualify for the finals which take place in New York.

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With the qualifiers less than a week away, Epic Games invited the top players from North America into a limited time testing event as they prepare for the biggest tournament in their history.

EPIC GAMESPlayers won’t be able to use stretched resolution at the upcoming Fortnite World Cup.
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Liquid Chap intentionally quits after Ninja kills Poach

During a game, Ninja was able to showcase the deadly capabilities of the new legendary Boom Bow item, eliminating Liquid Poach with ease thanks to the weapon’s explosive splash damage.

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After seeing watching his teammate exit the game, Liquid Chap decided it wasn’t worth his time to continue playing due to having just 18 HP and intentionally quit the match.

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Can you be banned for leaving a game in Fortnite?

This isn’t the first time Chap has left a game deliberately – exiting a match after taking significant damage from a player during the Luxe Cup which cost them a vital point.

As per the official rules for the World Cup, players are expected to “play to the best of her or his ability at all times during any match.” Intentionally disconnecting from a match without a legitimate reason for doing so is classified as ‘unfair play.’

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INSTAGRAM - TSMTSM Zexrow was forced to apologize on Twitter after denying a player a kill point by quitting.

Many players have been heavily criticized in the past for doing the same thing as Chap, including Team SoloMid’s Zexrow and Rogue’s Morgausse.

Epic Games will be keen to crack down on the issue ahead of the World Cup with players yet to be severely punished for abusing a game mechanic that could cost rival players dearly.

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