Liquid 72hrs eliminated by insane flying hacker in Fortnite’s Pop-Up Cup

Popular Fortnite streamer and professional player for Team Liquid, Thomas ’72hrs’ Mulligan, came across the most ridiculous example of hacking in Fortnite yet.

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The ‘Pop-Up Cup’ playlist, which acts as Fortnite’s competitive playlist currently, has been plagued with cheaters, with the most common hack being a traditional ‘aimbot’.

These give players 100% accuracy, lock-on like aim, to opponents anywhere on the map, and almost every top player, including FaZe duo Tfue and Cloak, have encountered them on numerous occasions.

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However, what 72hrs came across was not just a cheater using an aimbot, but was in fact floating around the map, as if by magic.

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72hrs thought he had free reign of the sky as he flew over Tilted Towers in an X-4 Stormwing, but to his surprise this player simply floated over above him and quickly took him down.

After the hacker took out 72hrs, he moved on to his next target floating outside of buidlings and shooting through the windows of Tilted Towers – as 72hrs watched in awe.

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Combine this ridiculous flying hack with an aimbot, and Fortnite’s Pop-Up Cup has one seriously unbeatable opponent.

There have been calls from the competitive and streaming community for a more robust report and review process so that these hackers can be banned faster, to prevent further impact on the competitive integrity of the Pop-Up Cup in particular.

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