Lil Nas X in Fortnite? Fan-made ICON Series skin gets artist’s approval

Lil Nas X / Epic Games

Lil Nas X is coming off huge hits like ‘Industry Baby’ & ‘Montero,’ but a popular concept would make him an even bigger force… in Fortnite with an ICON Series skin of his very own.

The rising talent has made his impression on Billboard’s Hot 100 and streaming charts for years, and his meme game on the internet has been nothing short of legendary. The gaming community has gotten to know Lil Nas X over the years thanks to events like his Roblox concert and the like.

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There’s plenty of Fortnite fans familiar with the artist at this point, and plenty that wouldn’t mind seeing a skin in his honor.

It goes without saying that the Fortnite community can get really creative when campaigning for content they want in the game, and this time’s no different.

An artist who goes by ‘D3NNI_YT’ put his suggestion in for the next Fortnite ICON Series skin that has Lil Nas X featured in two distinct themes from his popular music videos.

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“Really wanted to make a skin concept of Lil Nas X if he joined Fortnite’s Icon Series! Hope you like it,” they said.

The ‘Industry Baby Style’ immaculately shows the artist in a similar pink uniform seen in the alternate reality for his takeover of Montero State Prison.

Meanwhile, the ‘Inferno Style’ shows the artist in the same outfit that he wore during his Saturday Night Live performance where he performed ‘Montero.’

The quality of the concept already looks Fortnite-ready, and it would be a really popular figure to have in the battle royale.

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Even Lil Nas X himself was liking the idea of being in Epic Games’ popular metaverse, shouting out the designs on his Instagram and TikTok.

So far, popular streamers like Ninja, Loserfruit, Lachlan, Lazarbeam, TheGrefg, and the new Bugha have graced the ICON Series.

Thematically, Lil Nas X would be a stretch for the ICON Series. But Epic are apparently considering collaborations with people like Charli D’Amelio, so hopefully this means a standalone skin for him won’t be far off either.

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