Learn How to Run a Shotgun With These Fortnite Tips and Tricks

Learn how to dominate the new meta with MonsterDFace’s Fortnite Shotgun tips and tricks.

The Double Barreled shotgun was added to Fortnite in Season 5’s v2 update and is incredibly popular as fans want to try out the latest weapon.

According to MonsterDface however, it is not the best option in the current meta.

[The Double Barreled] Shotgun is not better in the current meta as opposed running the Heavy Shotgun. Not that it’s not fun to use, not that it doesn’t shine in it’s own area… the Heavy Shotgun has way too much good than it does bad to be outclassed by the Double Barreled Shotgun.

It is not all bad news for those who love the Double Barrel, MonsterDface claims it is the second best Shotgun in Fortnite, preferring it to the Tactical and Pump shotguns.

You can do some really devastating damage with [the Double Barrel].. So it’s not completely useless.

So unless you are competing against pros in the Fortnite Summer Skirmish, the Double Barrel Shotgun will most likely be fine for your needs. It does take a unique play style to be effective, which MonsterDface goes over.

He lays out a few simple “Do’s and Dont’s” to get a Victory Royale with the Double Barrel.

First up is to know your range.

Do not use this gun at an extended range. When we talk close quarter with the Double Barrel, we mean extremely close quarter… Chest to chest, I can smell your breath in the morning close. If you are not that close with the Double Barrel, you are probably using it at the wrong time.

But if you are that close with the new shotgun, it will outshine all the others, even the Heavy.

MonsterDface goes over what the Double Barrel is capable of when used correctly.

The damage output on this thing is phenomenal, the plays that you can make with this gun in edit situations and other types of high-level, intense PvP in close quarters are crazy.

To complete your loadout in this meta, MosterDface recommends a backup weapon that makes up for the Double Barreled’s weaknesses.

The loadout preferences for this weapon definitely heavily rely upon running a big magazine weapon as a backup. An LMG, P90 or Drum Gun.

For MonsterDface’s complete tips on how to run the Double Barreled Shotgun in Fortnite’s current meta, check out the video below.

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