Leaked Rapid Fire SMG possibly coming in Fortnite Season 2

by Kamil Malinowski


Fortnite leakers have discovered a brand new ‘Rapid Fire SMG’ in the game’s files, hinting at a possible new weapon for Season 2.

Epic Games are always surprising Fortnite fans by adding new features to the game, especially at the launch of major updates like new seasons.

Some leaks have already been coming through about Chapter 2’s second season, with things like a possible new building material being found recently. Fans may now have another thing to look forward to as well, with a new SMG potentially making its way into the game. 

Epic Games
Weapons are an integral part of Fortnite and many fans would no doubt be excited by a new one.


Leaker spedicey1 first shared news of this new weapon on Feb 12, with a simple tweet claiming that new SMGs are coming soon, highlighting two lines that state: “WID_Pistol_RapidFireSMG_Athena.”

Popular leaker ShiinaBR then added that there will be both an uncommon and rare version of the weapon, leading many fans to believe that this may be the return of the Machine Pistol which was vaulted back in 2018.

Of course, it could also be a whole new weapon as you never really know what Epic are planning, especially with how bizarre some updates have been.


Fortnite fans won’t have to wait long to find out, too, as Season 2 is just around the corner

Season 1 is set to end on February 20 and the second season should start on the same day, meaning players will be able to enjoy a ton of new content soon, which may just include a new Rapid Fire SMG.