New leaked PS4-exclusive items coming soon to Fortnite Battle Royale

Polygon / Epic Games

Data-miners have discovered new cosmetic items coming soon to Fortnite Battle Royale that will be exclusively available on PlayStation 4.

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PS4-exclusive cosmetic items are nothing new in the world of Fortnite BR, as there have been numerous bundles made available through the PS Store since the game’s release.

Most of these items and bundles have been offered for free to players, with the only requirement being that the player be subscribed to PlayStation Plus – Sony’s online gaming subscription. 

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It appears that the next set of items will be a exclusive glider and contrails, thanks to leaks from prominent data-miners @lucas7yoshi and @FNBRLATLeaks.

The glider will be of Epic rarity and called Coaxial Blue, having an in-game description that reads: “dual-rotor tactical copter.”

@lucas7yoshiThe Coaxial Blue glider will be be of Epic rarity.
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As for the contrails, the item is reportedly of Rare rarity and will be called Blue Fusion: “Gone in a Flash.”

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For those who may not be familiar with contrails, they are specially designed trails that emit from players’ hands and feet when they are gliding down. 

@lucas7yoshiThe Blue Fusion contrails will have a Rare rarity, one less that the Coaxial Blue glider.

The evidence that points to both of these items being solely available on the PS4 was found in encrypted game files, with the words ‘Cosmetics.Source.Platform.PS4″ clearly visible on the bottom lines. 

@lucas7yoshiScreenshots of the game files shows that both leaked items will be PS4-exclusive.

When will these leaked items release?

Those who play the popular battle royale on PS4 will recognize that the color scheme of both items corresponds perfectly with the design of the Carbon Pack, which happens to be the current cosmetic bundle available for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

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This suggests that the two leaked items could soon join that Carbon Pack, which would make sense since the pack currently only features the Carbon Commando Outfit and Carbon Pack Back Bling.

If the similarities turn out to just be a coincidence, then that means the leaked items will be part of a future set, the release date of which remains unknown at this point. 

FriendlyMachine - YouTubeThe Carbon Pack is the name of the cosmetics bundle that’s currently exclusively available to PS Plus subscribers.

How to claim PS4-exclusive items

In order claim a cosmetic items bundle that is exclusive to PlayStation, players must visit the PlayStation Store and find the bundle, as long as it’s still actively available.

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At which point, once signed in, the system will recognize if the user has an active PS Plus subscription, and then allow the player to add the bundle into their cart and download it free of charge. 

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