Leaked in-game footage of unreleased Fortnite skins, back-blings, emotes, and wraps from v8.10 update

by Albert Petrosyan


Less than a day after the v8.10 update went live in Fortnite Battle Royale, data miners have already leaked in-game footage of several unreleased cosmetic items.


As is usually the case after a major Fortnite update releases, data miners will quickly sift through new game files and look for any new cosmetic items that may have been added for future release.

Having already leaked the names and images of many new cosmetics, they've also managed to produce footage of how they actually look in-game. 


The leaks include clips of five new outfit skins and their corresponding back-blings, four emotes, and five wraps, including the Magma wrap that is expected to be animated.

All of these leaked video clips come courtesy of prominent data miner @ShiinaBR, who has to be one of the more reliable sources for leaked Fortnite content. 


Leaked v8.10 Fortnite outfit skins and back-blings

Kenji skin with Katana & Kunai back-bling


Kuno skin with Dual Kama back-bling

Laguna skin with Pineapple Strummer back-bling


Axiom skin with Commission back-bling

Psion skin with Omission back-bling

Leaked v8.10 Fortnite emotes


Slap Happy

Raining Doubloons

Drum Major

Leaked v8.10 Fortnite wraps


Clubs; Diamonds; Spades

Magma (animated)

You can check out all of the Fortnite content that has been leaked from the v8.10 update via the links below:

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