Leaked Fortnite LTM adds respawns and automatically increases loot rarity

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If you’ve been wanting a new exciting Fortnite LTM to jump into, it seems like you’re in luck, as a brand-new leak has revealed an interesting new LTM called Comeback which will add in a select number of respawns to the mode, as well as an automatically increasing rarity for your loot.

New limited-time modes in Fortnite are usually a good time. They give players a break from the standard modes while also keeping them within the game, retaining that player base. Now, it seems like another brand new LTM is coming to the game in the near future, if some recent leaks are to be believed.

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According to a few reputable Fortnite leakers, a new mode called Comeback will be added at some point in the near future and, although a release date is a bit vague, it sounds pretty unique, especially when you compare it to other modes.

What is Fortnite Comeback LTM?

According to leaker VastBlast on Twitter, the new mode is set to be available in Solos, Duos, Trios, and Squads, meaning it’ll more than likely act like a similar to a regular battle royale mode, rather than a large scale assault like 50v50 Team Rumble or something like that.

Comeback players will have five lives/respawns that they’ll be able to utilize during their time on the island, so if you get taken out, you’ll be able to come right back. In addition, with every single respawn, your loot will increase in rarity. This is presumably done in order to give players an increasing chance of survival, since the higher rarities do more damage.

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One final aspect mentioned is that players will be able to earn health by getting kills and opening supply drops. It’s unclear whether or not these will be the ONLY methods to earn kills, but it certainly seems like it.

When will Fortnite Comeback LTM be available?

Unfortunately, we have no idea when the Comeback LTM will be added to the game. While some outlets mentioned that it will arrive with the 15.40 update, it hasn’t appeared yet and we have no official confirmation of its release as of the time of this writing.

While the mode was datamined as a part of the 15.40 update, Air Royale is available right now, while Floor is Lava is coming in the next few days, so it’s possible that it ends up getting delayed past the update, possibly even to Season 6. Of course, this is all pure speculation and could still come very soon.

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