Leaked Fortnite Battle Royale ‘Nitehare’ Easter skin is terrifying

A new skin, backbling and pickaxe are coming to Fortnite Battle Royale for Easter 2019, found by data miners, and it’s a lot less friendly looking than you might have anticipated.

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Judging by previous bunny skins in Fortnite, which were released around Easter time last year, fans might have been expecting something similar for 2019, but Epic Games have went for the halloween-easter mashup this time.

If you were expecting some new pals for the ‘Rabbit Raider’ or ‘Bunny Brawler’, which released last year, you will be disappointed, as it looks like their arch-nemesis is coming instead.

Fortnite is adding a much more sinister skin for this Easter than the previous ‘bunny brawler’ and ‘rabbit raider’.
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New Easter ‘Nitehare’ skin found by data miners

Data miner @ShiinaBR has discovered the demonic looking bunny in the game files, and fellow leaker @lucas7yoshi_ also uncovered an equally creepy backbling and deadly looking pickaxe.

The bizarre new skin is called ‘Nitehare’ – a play on ‘Fortnite’ and ‘Nightmare’ – and is aptly named, as it looks like something straight out of an Easter nightmare.

The creepy backbling resembles something out of Chucky, the murderous doll from the classic horror films, and the pickaxe, called the ‘Steel Carrot’, looks more like the Grim Reaper’s scythe than a carrot.

@lucas7yoshi_A demonic take on Easter 2019 in with the new Nitehare cosmetics.
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It’s not known exactly when these cosmetics will be available to purchase, but it stands to reason they will be in the item shop either April 20 or 21 (Easter Sunday).

Players who are looking to scare their opponents as well as eliminate them will surely be interested in this set – which is also perhaps a sign that Epic Games wants to bring out some more sinister cosmetics in the future, as opposed to the traditionally more child-friendly approach.

Other skins such as the Prisoner, and the teased ‘Raid’ skin would also support this, as they are also more nasty looking – but this Nitehare skin has to be the scariest yet.

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