Leaked 3D renders of unreleased v6.10 skins, gliders, back-blings, and pickaxes coming soon to Fortnite

by Albert Petrosyan


Data miners have found and leaked 3D rendered images of the various cosmetic items found in the game files of the v6.10 update, which went live on October 16.


As is usually the case after every update, data miners go through new game files to look for and leak any new and unreleased items that may have been added.

Having already leaked the names, images, and rarities of the v6.10 cosmetic items, the data miners have now found the 3D models for some of the outfit skins, back-blings, gliders, and pickaxes that are to be released in the coming days and weeks.


This new batch of leaks is courtesy of Skin Tracker, a popular and trusted database for all cosmetic items in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Their discoveries have yielded 3D images of the four outfit skins (Arachne, Spider Knight, Guan Yu, Onesie), three back-blings (Long Legs, Spider Shield, Loyal Shield), two pickaxes (Web Breaker, Guandao), and two gliders (Hatchling, Divine Dragon). 


Most of these cosmetic items have a dark and spooky theme to them, which would make sense considering Fortnite is in the midst of its Halloween celebration.

These 3D models are useful in their ability to be turned and zoomed in any which way, allowing players to examine them closely and in detail. 


Outfit Skins

Arachne (Legendary) - Weave a web to victory

Spider Knight (Legendary) - They'll fall into your web

Guan Yu (Epic) - Loyalty and bravery at all times

Onesie (Rare) - Smash that snooze button

Back Blings

Long Legs - Stretch your legs

Spider Shield - Spun from the endless strands

Loyal Shield - Dependable as always


Web Breaker (Rare) - Clear out the cobwebs

Guandao (Rare) - Sharpened for battle


Hatchling - Along came a glider

Divine Dragon - Sail through the clouds, and row toward victory