Leaked 3D Models of New Skins, Gliders, and Back Blings Coming Soon to Fortnite

The v5.1.0 Update in Fortnite went live on July 24 and brought with it a while assortment of new cosmetic items.

Having already leaked the names, images, and rarities of the items, data miners have now found 3D rendered models of the various outfit skins, gliders, and back blings that will be coming soon to the Item Shop.

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Of course this is nothing new when it comes to major updates in Fortnite; data miners have proven to make quick work of scanning through new game files and looking for new and unreleased items.

This new batch of leaks is courtesy of ‘Skin-Tracker,’ a popular and trusted database for all of the cosmetic items in Fortnite.

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Their discoveries have yielded 3D rendered models of the Archetype, Sun Tan Specialist, Reef Ranger, Wreck Raider, Maverick, and Shade outfits, along with the Bat Attitude, Air Tank, and Diving Tank back blings, and the Laser Chomp and Servo gliders.

The great thing about these models is that they can be turned and zoomed any which way, allowing players to examine them closely and in detail.

Outfit Skins

Archetype (Epic)

Sun Tan Specialist (Epic)

Reef Ranger (Epic)

Wreck Raider (Epic)

Maverick (Epic)

Shade (Epic)

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Back Blings

Bat Attitude (Epic)

Air Tank (Epic)

Diving Tank (Epic)


Laser Chomp (Legendary)

Servo (Epic)